Doggie Daycare

Something to get EXCITED ABOUT!

Looking for a safe, fun and stimulating social environment for your dog? Concerned that your dog is home alone or crated during the day? Let your dog experience our natural, secure and fully supervised outdoor fenced in areas that cover one acre of grass and treed land.

Doggie Daycare is one of the best ways of providing exercise and socialization for your dog while you are away... Your dog will thank you!

Doggie Daycare Prices

Hourly Rates

Per Hour $5.00
Hourly Package (20 hours) - $5 Savings $95

Half Day Rates

Half Day Daycare (5 hours) $20
5 Half Day Pass - $5 Savings $95
10 Half Day Pass - $20 Savings $180
20 Half Day Pass - $60 Savings $340

3/4 Day Rates

3/4 Day Daycare (5-7 hours) $25
5 3/4 Day Daycare Pass - $5 Savings $120
10 3/4 Day Daycare $20 Savings $230

Full Day Rates

Full Day Daycare (over 7 hours) $30
5 Full Day Pass - $5 Savings $145
10 Full Day Pass - $20 Savings $280
20 Full Day Pass - $60 Savings $540
30 Full Day Pass - $120 Savings $780

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday – 5:30am to 7:30pm
Saturday and Sunday – 7am to 6pm

Pre-Assessment Process

We assess every dog we see for the first time for boarding and/or doggie daycare - the pre-assessment is:

  1. Our paperwork - there are three documents we will ask for you to complete in full. The three documents are the Contact Form, Dog Information Form, Dog Waiver Agreement. If you have more than one dog please complete one Dog Information Form per dog. Please have all three documents completed, signed and initialed prior to the assessment.
  2. Vaccine requirements - we will ask that you provide vaccination records for your dog. The paperwork is to show what vaccines were done, when they were done and when they are due again. We need to see that your dog has had the following vaccinations - Rabies, Distemper combination, Bordetella. If he/she is missing any of these three vaccines please consult with your vet to have them done.
  3. Evaluation - we will ask to see your dog(s) for one hour without you present to conduct a behavior assessment. Because we are only accepting dogs that are sociable we would like to see your dog(s) prior to any reservations being made so we know he/she will be comfortable here. We conduct our evaluations 7 days a week between 9am and 12pm by appointment only.

In order to book an evaluation time we need to confirm your dog already meets our vaccination requirements. Please email/fax your vaccine paperwork in to us (or ask your veterinarian’s office to send it to us). Once we receive your paperwork we will contact you to set up the evaluation time. No evaluations are scheduled without confirmation of vaccinations first.

Please click here for all paperwork required.

Doggie Daycare Policies

We ask for 5-7 days advanced notice when booking any doggie daycare visits. There are times when we may be able to accommodate a shorter notice request. We will ask that you also provide notice if you have booked something and need to cancel so we may offer your spot to someone else. Daycare cancellation policy - if you do not notify us that you are cancelling a daycare visit you will be charged for the visit. If you cancel with less than 5-7 days notice and we are unable to fill your pre-booked spot you will be charged for the visit.