February 2021

Good Day – please enjoy reading our February newsletter!

February Fundraisers – We have some fundraisers happening in support of Finding Them Homes rescue that we hope you will be able to participate in when you can. Covid has left many charitable organizations very short on donations in the last year. It has left so many small businesses (including our own) in need of more support and awareness. Our hope is with a collective effort we can all see the other side of this together!

We have a Crafters Market Fundraiser  on that features local small businesses/vendors rotating over 4 week periods with portions of sales being donated to FTH. From January 18 to February 13 we have artist Nancy Schoutsen who is selling original paintings, hand drawn cards, cotton dish cloths and paw protector. We also have Cheryl’s Custom Creations selling mugs, soup bowls, water bottles and bandanas. All items are on display in our reception areas as well as on our Facebook page. Lots of great gift ideas and fun items to buy - if you see something you like please let us know! New vendors will be introduced on Feb. 16 so stay tuned!

We also have a 50-50 Raffle Draw  starting February 1! We hope to raise $5000 in total donations which means $2500 goes to the rescue AND $2500 to the winner! Details of how to participate on our Facebook page or you can email us at info@theeplaceforpaws.com and we will be happy to help!

Finding Them Homes is also hosting a Virtual Trivia Night Fundraiser  on Saturday, February 20 at 7pm. Zoom in for a super fun evening of trivia and prizes! We have a post on our page with details on how to join!

There will be many more fundraisers going on through the year we will send through Facebook and newsletters. We cannot thank you enough for how much support you give to us and our fundraising efforts!!

Family Day Holiday – We are closed to the public for the Family Day holiday on Monday, February 15. If you have a regularly scheduled daycare visit on Mondays and would like a different day please let us know.

Precious Paws Rescue Bottle Collection – We are continuously collecting any bottles/can that contained alcohol for our friends at Precious Paws. Please consider donating your empties to an amazing rescue!

Facebook – Have you visited our Facebook page? We keep you updated with news, weekly photos, videos, and events. Follow this link - www.facebook.com/TheePlaceForPawsPetRetreat to the page!

While you are there we invite you to write a review/recommendation – many new clients find us through Facebook and seeing your reviews really helps! Feel free to “like” anything on the page and if you have questions you can message us directly. Enjoy seeing all the fun we have around here!

Mark These Dates In Your Calendar – Please mark these dates in your calendars that we will have limited services or will be closed. We will remind you of these dates in each monthly newsletter:

Friday, September 10 – daycare services available; all boarding dogs to be picked up

Saturday, September 11 to Sunday, September 19 – closed to the public (re-open for regular hours Sept. 20)

There will be other dates throughout the year that are not listed here we will let you know about (statutory holidays for example). We will always keep you informed of these dates!

That’s all for now…thank you everyone for all your support and friendship – we appreciate it!

Shawn & Sandy